Lovisa Online Shopping Review

Last month Lovisa had a 48hr free shipping deal and I took the opportunity to place an order for some more midi rings. The packaging was just so cute that I had to do a little review on my experience.

I signed up in-store for Lovisa notifications and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I received a $10 online voucher to be used at any time. The following day I received another email, this time informing me that there was 48 hours of free shipping Australia-wide. Obviously this was too good an opportunity to pass up, so I picked out a pack of $10 midi rings (unfortunately they aren't available online any more).

The process was simple enough and the checkout took less than a few minutes to complete. I was sent a confirmation shortly after and told that I would be contacted again when my order was shipped.

I placed my Lovisa order February 21st and received my package roughly 2 weeks later. The package was shipped March 3rd, 10 days after placing my order which I think is quite a long time in terms of processing.
The estimated shipping on the website was 1-7 business days so if you need your order within a set amount of time maybe make a purchase in store, it'll be a lot faster.


I was very impressed when I opened the Australia Post Bag and saw this cute Lovisa Box. Any company which customises their packaging is a-okay to me. The inside however was by far more pretty.

There were 2 layers of tissue paper with the rings in the middle. I was very surprised that I'd receive such a big box with such a small item but I appreciated it nonetheless. One thing about Lovisa is that they seem to strive to present their company with an elegant flair which translate both in-store and online. 

I own a few items from Lovisa and I've found them all to be fairy good quality considering they're costume jewellery, these rings were no exception. Lovisa is known to be slightly more expensive than other jewellery brands so $10 isn't too bad for a set of 8 rings.

I don't know if this is a problem for some people but I don't like seeing the joins in rings, especially smaller ones with less distracting detail. One of the reasons I like these rings is that there isn't a noticeable bump or change in the ring where it was bent together which in turn to making them look nicer, also makes them more comfortable to wear.

Would I buy from Lovisa online again?
Honestly, no. I just have no patience to pay extra and wait weeks for something I could pick up from a store. The packaging was pretty and the quality fairly good but again, it took far too long. Maybe it was because I placed an order during what I assume was a busy period due to the free shipping or because I used a $10 voucher that they didn't make my order a priority and it was shipped later. Regardless I personally wouldn't take that chance.

I will purchase from a Lovisa store in the future as I do like their items but I wouldn't recommend purchasing online unless you desperately want an item and you can't find it in store or they have a significant sale.


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