OOTD University - 12/03/2014

- Mens Captain America Shirt from JayJays.
Couldn't pass up this shirt when I saw it in JayJays, Captain America is definitely my favourite Avenger. I mean, have you seen Chris Evans? He's adorable. To make the top look a little more feminine I did roll up the sleeves to shorten them slightly.

- Denim Skirt from Kmart.
I'd been looking everywhere for a denim skirt which wasn't skater or looked like cut off denim short so naturally when I came across this gem in Kmart I was ecstatic. This skirt was on sale for $5.00 so naturally I couldn't pass it up.

- White Lipstik Sandals
Unfortunately I don't know the name of this style, it's rubbed off the shoe because I've worn them so much. These shoes are honestly the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned so I wear them multiple times a week.

I kept my jewellery very simple with some pearl earrings, a silver bangle and my silver pandora rings. The outfit was fairly casual so I felt that dainty jewellery suited the look more than if I wore something embellished.
I forgot to take a photo with my bag but I just took my black Zara bag from my previous OOTD post.