Update: Where have I been?

So it's been a fair amount of time since my last post. I suppose I could point out that I had other commitments or priorities, which I did in fact, but honestly there's no reason. As far as I know this blog is yet to have any consistent readers or followers and it's highly likely that no one has noticed my absence. Regardless I shall persevere and continue on my goal of becoming a more accomplished beauty blogger.

A few things that have happened over the past few years:

1. I graduated high school
Yay, no more uniforms and strict schedules. I loathed the long skirts and blouses at my former school so it's so liberating to done my own uniform and look the way I want to. As well as this, I've grown as a writer and developed my own skills over the years which will hopefully mean more quality content (yay!).
Basically, no more school is good.

2. I'm doing a Bachelor of Journalism
It's all finally falling into place. I can't even remember how long I've been waiting to finally study journalism, it's been pretty much my entire life and it's insane to think in 3 short years I'll be done and moving onto the next chapter in my life. In addition to this game changer I hope that by writing this blog I'll expand my skill set and gain more experience in the online community of bloggers.

What can be expected from this blog in the future:

Since becoming a teenager I've been intrigued by the beauty and fashion industry and therefore this blog will heavily feature those elements. From reviews of products and clothing lines to discussion on trends and such, I hope to cover a broad range of the topics. However it is inevitable that I will stray occasionally as I am only human (prepare for some late night psycho babble).

Essentially, I'm back and better than ever so please follow my blog as I would really appreciate the support and will most definitely give your own blog a look if requested.


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