A week in pictures

I like taking the odd picture now and then so here's a few pics I took this week. 
I cut my hair! It's shoulder length now which is the shortest its ever been and I love it. I'd been wanting to cut it shorter for ages but have never been game enough so I'm glad I took the risk this week.

Next on the agenda, how cute are these mugs? I picked them up from Woolworths as part of their Easter range for only $4 each. The perfect addition to a coffee in the morning. 

If you haven't heard of this website, check it out immediately. Unicef set up this project where you open this web page on your phone and see how long you can go without touching or moving your phone. For every 10 minuites you go without your phone, a child has clean water for a day. It's also the perfect motivator when you should be studying. 

I thought I'd try a new juice from Boost Juice this week and went with one of their Green Juices. I went with Caribbean Green, mostly because I'm a sucker for anything with Mango. As my first green juice experience, I approve. Although I'm not sure if I'll stray too far from my love of Mango Magic. 

I had a little free time Wednesday morning before my tutorial so I thought I'd pop into Chicabooti for a look around. Although I did love some of their newer items like this dress, I was a bit upset about the difficulty to put them on. Unless you have double-jointed arms I doubt you'd be able to zip this dress without help. Sad but my Tartan quest continues. 

I've also been looking for some light wash jeans for a while but they always seem to have holes in them. So I thought I'd try them on and see if I liked them. Unfortunately I don't think I'm a fan. I like having jeans without rips so they don't look super casual if I wanted to dress them up a bit. Again, my quest for light wash jeans goes on. 

The Wednesday Jan Powers markets in the city are adorable. I wish I could buy all the fresh fruit and veg but that's not really practical when I have to spend the afternoon in lecture rooms. So I settled for this fresh juice. I'd seen friends of mine post pictures of their own drinks and I couldn't resist. It was delicious and I love the fresh fruit on top. 

Lastly, just a screen shot of my Friday study session. I was tired and craving sugar so I picked up some jelly beans. It was just a coincidence that they fir perfectly on my laptop. 

Hope you had a lovely week.


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