Haul:Target, Priceline, Sportsgirl - 7/03/2014

I had a couple hours to kill after my Friday class and decided to pop into the Brisbane CBD and pick up some things. There were quite a lot of great sales on so I only spent around $30 for everything.


I hadn't been to Target for a while and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the new clothing lines they've brought out. I did try on a few clothing items but sadly none flattered me the way I wanted them to. Alas I found comfort in the beauty section and picked up a few things.

1. Ulta3 Base coat nail polish ($1.00)
There was a bin filled with Ulta3 polishes for only $1 and I was in desperate need of a new base coat after my Cutex base coat leaked half the bottle in my suitcase. I've used this polish in the past and I do like it. It's thinner in texture so my nail polish doesn't get too thick and peel off in one go, which has been a consistent problem with other base coats. All in all, a good deal.

2. Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drip Drops ($3.50)
I've wanted to try a drip dry product for years but never really bought one because I thought it was a waste of money. However, after painting my nails every week since graduation I was getting increasingly frustrated at waiting for my nails to dry for ages and then still smudging them which lead me to this product. It's not the best product and doesn't dry my nails within seconds but it takes so much less time than simply air-drying. So for $3.50, not bad.

3. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water ($8.40)
When I saw Target had 30% off Garnier I went straight to the skincare isle. There was only 1 bottle left so naturally I justified that I needed it. In my defence, I've been wanting to get my hands on the Bioderma since it first started becoming  popular online and this product is apparently a good dupe. Additionally, the cost of this cleansing water and the cotton pads will be a more inexpensive option to removing my make up than using wipes. I may do a review in a few weeks after I've used this product more and developed an opinion on it.

4. Loreal Casting Creme Gloss, 613 Iced Mochaccino ($11.55)
I've been dying my hair using this product for around 2 years now and I do enjoy it quite a lot. My hair is naturally brown but I like adjusting the shade lighter or darker every couple months. I even died my hair Mahogany coloured a little while back and it washed out without leaving a strong colour in my hair. This colour, 613 Iced Mochaccino, is one of my favourites. I love having a cool tone to my hair because I feel that it works better with my skin undertone. I hadn't dyed my hair since September and although I don't mind the colour it is now, I wanted to change up my hair a bit.
When I do dye my hair, I'll make a post on it and do a bit of a review of the product.


Priceline is dangerous at the best of times, I always end up leaving with more than I intended to buy. This time I went in to pick up cotton pads and exited with a shower gel. Honestly it could have been a lot worse.

1. LUX Magical Spell Body Wash ($2.99)
I had been using a Mango body wash but it appears to be disappearing at an alarming rate. I suspect that my brother has taken a liking to the scent as a mango enthusiast and decided it's not too girly for him. Naturally I'll be buying super girly scents from now on. Hence the purple, shower gel. I sniffed several LUX shower gels and instead of going for my usual fruity scents decided to take a floral route. This product claims to contain 'Fragrance Pearls with the scent of Black Orchid and Juniper Oil' but honestly I was swayed my the name. Who can resist a product called Magical Spell? Not me, that's for sure.

2. Priceline Round Cotton Pads ($3.50)
Not much to say about these really. I bought them to use with the Garnier cleansing water because I didn't want to use cotton balls since they have such a small surface area and wouldn't be able to remove much makeup.


1. Iphone 4 case ($4.95)
I'm not one to update my phone whenever a new model comes out so there's no way I see myself buying a Iphone5 because they only sell those cases. So when I saw an Iphone4 case I snatched it up, they're kind of a rare find at a decent price on the Australian market and I loved the quirky pattern on the back. But I won't be changing my case until my current one either cracks or falls apart so this little beauty is going into storage.


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