Is Brisbane the next fashion capital of Australia?

(Photo of Topshop opening in Brisbane)

Brisbane city is reported to be the next location to host International fashion giants such as Zara and H&M.

Late last year Brisbane City opened its CBD up to globally recognised label Topshop which now stands with 3 shopping levels on the corner of Elizabeth and Albert St. In a way Topshop broke the ice on the question of whether to invest in Brisbane or not as many other popular international brands are now circling Queen St.

Brands such as Zara and H&M are well on their way to expanding their stores into the CBD according to the Courier Mail. Zara is believed to be considering 2 floors on the Queen Adelaide building whilst H&M is said to be close to making a deal on 2 floors in the newly renovated Broadway on Mall. The interest of such large international retailers does raise the question, does Brisbane have the potential to become a fashion capital in Australia?

Currently, Melbourne is viewed as the hub of fashion with its hosting the largest Fashion Week in Australia. However, despite Melbourne being well ahead of Brisbane there is still potential for Brisbane to reach a similar level in the future. 

The potential for international investors in the area could very well bring more recognition to the fashion scene in Brisbane and encourage its improvement. Brisbane already holds luxury brands such as Louis Vouitton, Chanel and Tiffany & Co. under its belt but with the introduction of more affordable fashion, a wider range of people will be drawn to the CBD.

Who knows, in less than 10 years the Brisbane city centre could become a vibrant fashion hub playing host to many prestigious events either in-line with Melbourne or perhaps even surpassing it. The future of the fashion scene in Brisbane is in the hands of global retailers.


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