Haul - Glassons, Ally Fashion, ASOS, Kmart

I did a little shopping recently. Some things I needed, some I couldn't pass up but regardless I'm happy that they're now mine. :)

Blue Floral Dress - Glassons ($24.99)
I fell in love with this adorable dress. I think it was the powder blue colour and floral combo which caught my attention initially but when I tried it on I loved the open back detail. 

Nude Shift Dress - Ally Fashion ($14.99)
I'd been eyeing this off on the website for ages but hadn't had the opportunity to go to an Ally store. When I finally got to my local Ally they had this dress in my size and it was fate. I love this dress, it's so comfortable and very versatile.  Plus, when I took this photo I realised it has a sheen to it which is a nice touch. 

Light Blue High Waisted Jeans - ASOS ($23.34)
I'd been looking for plain light wash jeans for so long I forgot when I started looking. Every pair of jeans I've seen has some kind of hole or distressing on them. I'm so glad I found these jeans, they're so perfect and super comfy. I used the measurements from my favourite pair of jeans to find my size and they fit exactly the same. Love them. 

Black cut-out ankle boots - Kmart ($9.00)
Yes, you read correctly. $9.00! I'd been wanting a pair of cut-out boots for so long but I'm a bit of a cheap-o and haven't really found any for the price I wanted. I was so happy I stumbled into Kmart for socks because they only had 1 pair of these boots left and they were in my size. They're a bit high for me and I'm not used to wearing any sort of heel but I'll work through the awkward stage. They're too cute not to. 

Black ankle socks - Kmart ($2.00)
Nothing special. I just needed some more black socks since my mum has decided to claim mine as her own. I swear I might need to sew a little 'A' onto them like in primary school. I like Kmart socks because they aren't too thick and are really affordable.

Let's see if I can stick to saving money next month when I buy my car. 


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