Skip the denim

Obviously I'm not a model or a photographer, just a girl with a tripod and a camera. I study full-time at university and have classes four days a week which can get fairly busy and be exhausting. Some days I just want to be comfortable but I'm trying to venture out of my comfort zone and try new things fashion-wise so the stock-standard t-shirt and jeans is being put away until at least the end of semester exams. 

Top: Forever 21

Pants: Forever 21

Hat: Cotton On

Earrings: Big W

Rings: Lovisa 

Backpack: Bardot 

Shoes: Windsor Smith


  1. such an effortless/cool outfit !!! loving it ! also been looking for a hat like yours for aaaages, gotta pop into cotton on ! xxx

    1. It's a well-loved hat. I'm not sure if they'll have the same hat but I know they do have some pretty affordable styles at the moment.