Face of Australia Glamazon contour & highlighter kit - Review & swatches

By now most people are familiar with this product due to the rave reviews plastered all over the internet by numerous beauty fanatics. Well I'm here to tell you why they're right because I adore this Face of Australia contour & highlighter kit in the shade Leopardess. 


Face of Australia is notorious for bringing out limited edition collections of products which never make it to their permanent collection. The reason for this is that their brand is labelled as against animal testing and Australian made and owned whilst their limited edition products are internationally sourced from China. The fact that this product is made in China means that Face of Australia cannot simply add this product to their permanent line. I'm unsure whether this will eventually be made permanent given a period of time due to its success and popularity but only time will tell. 

Additionally, as far as I know, China still has in place mandatory animal testing however the packaging of this product maintains the label 'Against Animal Testing'. My question is, they say they're against animal testing but this product doesn't specifically state that it's not testing on animals which is a bit of a concern. If this is an issue for you, I'd do some further research. 


In terms of practicality the packing is great. It's sturdy so the product is protected, there's a large mirror and it's easy to open. However, the design choices for the lid are questionable. I'm not a fan of the animal print, I feel it's had it's day and makes what could have been a very luxurious looking product seem cheap and slightly tacky. If they'd kept to a simpler pattern I feel it would have looked nicer. Although if you're not fussed with anything but the product it's not a concern. 

(Normal day-time lighting)

(In direct sunlight)

This product is brilliant but the stand-out shade is hands down the brown contour colour. What makes the contour so perfect is that rather than looking orange or bronze it has a distinct brown tone to it, meaning it looks more natural and creates a better shadow on your face. The colour is almost matte but it does have the slightest shimmer which you can only see up close.

In terms of the highlight shade, I haven't used it as much simply because I don't wear highlighter everyday. However, it's not extremely pigmented so you don't have to stress over looking too shiny. Also, I feel like this shade is very popular for a highlighting product as it reminds me of The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer. However, I personally don't own that product and can't check if it's a dupe. 

When considering the texture and quality, I'd say these are typical of lower end brand make-up powders. They aren't silky smooth but they aren't chalky which I feel is a reasonable compromise. Pigmentation wise, they aren't extremely pigmented which I feel works well because the contour shade is fairly dark which makes application less strong and minimises the chance of mistakes.


I would definitely recommend this product. Face of Australia really out did themselves with this limited edition product and hit the market on the head. Contour and highlighter kits are more of a rarity among lower end brands and I applaud them for the quality of the product itself. The downside for this product is that it was limited edition and this collection has vanished from almost every store I've been to recently. So if you like the look of this product, I'd rush out and buy it now because the likelihood of it returning any time soon is slim to none. 


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