May Favourites 2014

It's June already? I haven't written a monthly favourites post for a while, which is odd because I love reading them, so here's a little insight into what I enjoyed throughout May 2014.  

Face of Australia Glamazon Contour & Highlighter Kit - Leopardess 

This product was limited edition from March this year and not an easy thing to find. I went to at least 7 different stores trying to find this duo and I'm glad I finally found it in May. The contour shade is an almost matte brown and the perfect colour for cool skin tones because it lacks that orange undertone most contour powders have. I haven't used the highlighter too much but it's not extremely pigmented so you won't look like a disco ball if you use it. A very nice product and I do hope Face of Australia adds this to their permanent line. However that's unlikely as their limited edition products are made overseas separate from their main production location in Australia. 

Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette 

I've never been one for cream concealers and to be honest I did not like this product when I first bought it a few years ago. However, I've rediscovered this concealer in May and found a method of application which works wonders. The Real Techniques crease brush from the eye set is perfect for buffing in cream products and in particular works great with this. There's 3 cream concealer shades in this quad but I only use the top left as it's the lightest. The bottom right is a powder to set the concealer however it's extremely shimmery so I avoid using it. The pigmentation is great for covering blemishes and it stays longer than regular liquid concealer. 

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume

I've been searching far and wide for the perfect scent. I wanted something more sophisticated and less fruity as per my usual scent. I'm not a Lady Gaga fan but that doesn't matter because this smells amazing. Personally I can't distinguish any individual scents but it apparently has notes of belladonna, incense, honey, saffron, apricot and orchid. This is a unisex perfume but it smells really girly to me personally. Regardless, if you like it you should get it now as there's an unfortunate story following this find. 

My track record with perfume is one of heart ache as twice now I've found an amazing perfume only for it to be discontinued before I finish the bottle. This instance is no different as this lovely scent is also no longer being made. Plus side is it's selling cheap so if you like it, pick it up. 

Nivea Lip Butter

I've been wanting these for so long but I couldn't justify spending $5 on a small lip balm product. So when Priceline had 3 for 2 on Nivea products I snatched these up along with some hand cream. The scents are so delicious but my favourite of the two is definitely the Vanilla & Macadamia scent. I'm a sucker for fragrance in lip products because, as you may have noticed, your lips are directly under your nose and when you can smell the vanilla or caramel it's almost as good as smelling a delicious treat. 

In terms of the product, it's not miracle worker. It's a lip balm, there's only so much innovation in this field. The positive is that they're moisturising and not waxy like other balms can be so it won't cake-up your lipstick if you use it underneath. The packaging is kind of tricky to open at times due to the thin width so if the people at Nivea could fix the proportions up a bit that would be great. All in all, a nice little lip treat. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Everyone's heard of Bioderma or at least glimpsed the hype around their famed Sensibo H20. The issue is that the RRP of the Sensibo H20 in Australia is $30.00. Despite it's great reputation, I couldn't justify spending $30.00 on a make-up removing product when make-up wipes sell for $2.00. Enter the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. 

This product is pretty much the exact same as Bioderma for a fraction of the cost. It's a multi-purpose skin cleanser which doesn't need to be rinsed off. I use this product as a make-up remover everyday after using make-up wipes for years and I do quite enjoy it. Sometimes I do have to go over my skin a few times to remove all my make-up but that's depending on how much I wear that day but that's to be expected. This product is also great if you're skin's particularly oily when you're not wearing make-up as it removes excess oil from the skins surface and can prevent the build-up of sebum. Bsically, a simple cleanser which does exactly what it's meant to. Good job Garnier.

That's my favourite product picks for May 2014. Product reviews are on my to-do list in the coming weeks after I finish up my last pieces of assessment for the semester. So follow me on Bloglovin for updates of my posts and check out my Instagram for 'face of the day' posts and mini hauls.


  1. Those nivea lip butters look amazing. I bet they smell gorgeous!! And I really want to get my hands on a contour kit but they seem such a hard thing to find in beauty stores!!

    1. They are awesome. And I got my contour kit from Big W after going to 4 different Pricelines so I'd say they're the best place to get them now.