Changing it up with L'oreal Paris Excellence Crème

When it comes to at home hair dyes, I'm definitely no stranger. Naturally I'm a light brunette, however I've been colouring my hair a cool-toned medium brown for the past couple years. Recently I did make the decision to go lighter with bleach but it wasn't for me and being the impatient person that I am, I decided to dye it darker again. 

Prior to purchasing this product, I didn't do research as I usually do. I made a spare of the moment "that looks nice" decision which in hindsight was probably not the best idea. Luckily everything worked out in the end.


Like any hair dye, there's a colourant and developer which you mix together and a pointed nozzle on the bottle for application. There are however a few extras which I was quite interested in, such as the comb applicator and the protecting serum you apply before the dye.

Application was a fairly straight forward process. You apply the protection serum, mix the colour and developer then apply it to your hair as per the instructions. You can use the comb nozzle to apply the product to the lengths of your hair but it was too much fuss for me personally.

I also decided to add a little bit to my eyebrows to tint them slightly darker. It's not advised but I only left the colour on for 2 minutes and it was perfectly fine.


My starting colour was the result of a washed out semi-permanent dye over bleached hair. 

The result was a chocolate brown. 

I must admit I was quite disappointed that the auburn tones didn't pull through. It's a lovely shade but if it has that hint of red it would be infinitely more exciting.

Despite not getting the desired results, the product itself was easy to use and provided a nice even colour to my hair without noticeably damaging it. Although the colour wasn't what I wanted, it's not a bad product simply not the right one for me.
If you're looking to go darker then this is a great option for you, otherwise I'd suggest using the L'oreal Casting Crème Gloss line instead. It's no ammonia and in my opinion, delivers a more spot-on colour.


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