Embracing your winter skin

Winter is a time for longer lengths and layers. When tan summer skin starts to fade and dries up in the cold winter air you know it's time to prepare. Learn how to embrace your paler skin rather than mope about the tan days of summers past with this easy guide. 

Colour match
Yes, we know that your foundation matched seamlessly earlier in the year but it's time to let go. Find a shade that matches your new winter colour or invest in a light shade to mix into your current foundation of choice. It's an easy fix and you'll thank yourself when you don't look like a reverse geisha in photos.

It's easy to slack off and not exfoliate when you aren't worried about a streaky tan but it's important to stay vigilant. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and helps keep your skin smooth, so keep this step part of your weekly routine.
If you're a bit too tired to vigorously scrub your body in the morning, run a bath at night, add a bath bomb and treat yourself to a nice scrub. Try my sugar scrub recipe for silky skin that won't break the bank.

Finally, a combination of cold weather and indoor heating can leave your skin parched making it essential to keep that skin moisturised. Depending on your skin-type you may need to opt for something with a thicker consistency to really lock in that moisture. Personally I enjoy more natural sorbolene lotions such as the Australian Pure Beauty Sorbolene or the Derma Sukin Daily Gentle Lotion. These two products have exactly the same ingredients and are both available from most chain supermarkets. 

Winter is nothing to be worried about. Think about all the time you save not having to shave or worry about the polish on your toes and be happy the colder months are here. 
Embrace that stark contrast of your pasty skin to your skinny jeans and love your winter skin.

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